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Forum Rules

Welcome to East End Bounce.  This is a new, and wholly independent forum and website that aims to serve Pars fans all across the world with a philosophy and ethos of inclusivity and will seek to create a fresh new Pars community. We aim to make "East End Bounce" transparent, accessible, safe, inclusive and hopefully easy to use and access with all popular media streams. We hope everyone feels they can take part - by that we mean young and old, people with disabilities, fans of other clubs, people in the local community, ex-Pats, but in particular, fans of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club.

By registering, each time you use your account on "East End Bounce" then you accept to abide by the "East End Bounce" Forums Rules and agree to be bound by them.



1. Be respectful of your fellow posters

We wish to encourage all posters to remember we have an open inclusive and family orientated policy. Therefore we encourage posters not to post or make:

·         Personal attacks including abusive, defamatory, threatening or intimidating posts

·         Trolling or targeting other posters with intent to provoke

-  East End Bounce respectfully request that personal conversations be conducted via the available personal messenger facility rather than within threads

·         East End Bounce will also not tolerate any posts that are sexist, homophobic or racially offensive

·          The use of unnecessary swearing & explicit language will invite the attention of the moderators.

2. Poster responsibility

All posters on "East End Bounce" are accountable for what they post (check before you send!) "East End Bounce" will not be held liable for the views expressed by posters. However posts considered libellous and detrimental to "East End Bounce" will be removed and an explanation will be provided to the poster by admin.

3. Reporting Abuse

There is a facility to report abusive posters. Please remember that board moderators are not available 24/7 and do not read every post therefore your co-operation is appreciated. Moderators will remove posts considered offensive but an explanation will be provided.

4. New / Multiple Topics

Please resist starting a new thread if there is an existent relevant thread. Please try to post on the relevant forum that best describes your subject matter.

5. Personal Information

"East End Bounce" appeal to you NOT to give out any public personal information of fellow posters unless it is by consent. Equally do not post any personal information including age, addresses, telephone numbers email addresses etc, etc. Posts may be modified by moderators to protect the vulnerability of posters.

6. Rival fans

Fans of other clubs are welcome to post on "East End Bounce" - healthy banter is encouraged but deliberately antagonising behaviour is not. Equally personal attacks against fans of other teams is not acceptable.


Abusive, insulting posts targeting DAFC players, management, employees and board are unnecessary and are not helpful to the club we support. However constructive criticism can be warranted and is allowed. Equally the posting of rumours are not a basis of fact.  Any such posts which could be harmful to the business of DAFC and any of it's players, management of staff may be deleted. 

8. Developing the Site

We hope to keep these rules simple and concise. We also hope to be open and transparent with all posters.  This forum and site is intended to provide a fun, online community, whilst observing rules which will serve to keep it's members safe.  As "East End Bounce" grows and develops so will the rules. Please bear with us if we get it wrong - we are all full-time Pars fans with families, commitments and work to do as well as making this the number one UNOFFICIAL website for Pars fans. Your suggestions and support will help us get there. 

If you wish to speak privately to a member of the Admin Team, click on the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the screen.

9.  Uploading of Images and Image Copyright

Images on the web are covered by copyright. Please do not post images you do not have the copyright to on the forum. In the event of any copyright images being posted on the forum these will be removed wherever possible. "East End Bounce" will not be responsible for any actions relating to the posting of copyright images but will act in good faith to remove these as soon as possible once notified of any copyright infringement. 

10.  Parody / Fake / Spam Profiles

This site is intended to be an open, fun and safe forum for Pars fans to come together online.  Please DO NOT create any profiles for the purpose of spamming the site, or for parodying players, management, staff or board members of DAFC, past or present, or any other public figures.  Please also refrain from setting up profiles with the intent of either parodying or bullying other users.  Any profiles identified to be in breach of this will be deleted IMMEDIATELY.

Enjoy the site, and Come On Ye Pars!



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