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How many forum topics would you like to see at the top of the home page?  

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  1. 1. How many do you think would be best?

  2. 2. Which forums should be included in your opinion?

    • General Football Forum
    • Travel to Away Games
    • Prediction League
    • Off Topic
    • Knock knock
    • Pars from Afar
    • Site/Forum Feedback and Suggestions
    • Latest News
    • Introduce Yourself
    • FAQs
    • Local Business Promotion

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Only 24 hours or so left to vote on these polls.

Please let us know what you think.  Your opinion matters.

Must be disappointing and disheartening to put in the effort for so little in return? 

It is disappointing but only thing to do is keep plugging away, keep posting threads and bad jokes that stimulate debate, and hope that people want to respond.  

Mind you, @VOX's jokes are absolutely stinking, even I wouldn't put my name on those. 

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Come on people.  Let's get this forum up and running, post what your thinking, post what you like, post anything and let's get things moving.  This could and will be a better forum / site than anything else before.  Let's get some debate without the kheek on the other.  Mind you, I do post kheek so probably not the best example. ?  These guys have put a lot into this site so let's give them something back eh.  Ken, min. Eh.  

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What would be more disappointing IMO would be if we were sudddenly to have a pile of threads being posted, the majority of which descended into petty point-scoring and name calling.

While admittedly this forum does have a reputation for being fairly quiet, I think it also enjoys a reputation for encouraging well-reasoned debate.  The whole ethos of this forum was only ever intended to be welcoming to all Pars fans, but to offer a platform for decent posting and debating, which we have largely achieved.

I think the fact that there is very little requirement for moderation speaks highly of the calibre of posts (and posters) on here, which is good.

I'm going to look into a few ideas over the weekend on how we can 'reach out', possibly by engaging our Facebook page and/or Twitter account.

Keep the ideas coming though!

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It is quiet but it's serving a purpose, which is allowing Pars fans to have their say without any bullsh*t.

It's decent enough and trundling along. It will probably never receive the traffic the other forum gets but then again who gives a hoot.

Just keep using it and promoting it through the Facebook page. It gets not too bad amount of traffic.

I just keep posting auld Pars photos lol, love it.

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