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  1. Thanks - but I completely forgot about it and have only just remembered! D’oh!
  2. Forgot all about this. Might head along the road, get used to the Pasta Bowl again for next season (or in case we aren't there next season!)
  3. To be fair, a couple of years ago Arbroath were title contenders. There's no guarantee Rovers will have another season like this one.
  4. I think McPake deserves a chance at this league without the insane injury list we had this season and with the strengthened squad we have compared to the way we started. This is assuming we keep Edwards, Kane, MFW, MWH of course, which obviously isn't certain, but if we did, and we can keep more people fit than we did for most of 23/24, then I think we'd be in a better place this time next year than we are now. But, I really think we need to move away from 5 at the back. Go with 4-4-2, and we have this sort of depth: GK: Mehmet, Little/Whoever RB: MWH, Comrie, Fisher (I think?) CBx2: Bene, MFW, Otoo, Fisher, Breen LB: Edwards, ummm... Otoo maybe? Or Breen? RM: KRH, MOH CMx2: Todd, Otoo, Hamilton, Moffat, Chalmers, Allan LM: Todd, ummm... Allan maybe? ST: Kane, Jak, Wighton, McCann, Sutherland Obviously that's over-simplistic (and I've probably forgotten some players), but I do think there's a decent team to be had in there, if we could add a left sided player or two. A team good enough to make the playoffs next time, which should be our minimal goal (although obviously we should be trying for the title). Scoring goals might still be an issue, but I think we'd have more width, and would be making more and better chances than this year.
  5. Well let's hope not. But nobody expected 4-0 to Thistle either.
  6. My concern is that QP might put 3 or 4 past Arbroath, while we lose by a couple.
  7. Definitely agree with a 4, not least because it gets KRH back into the position he's been best in for us, RM/RW. In fact if we must play 5 at the back, I'd go 5-4-1 to allow KRH to be there and still have a FB behind him. It's not like we'd be losing much having only one up front, it felt like that today anyway.
  8. Looking at scenarios for the final fixtures, we might need Morton to get a point at Inverness if everything else goes t**s up Morton 44 Dunfermline 43 Ayr 42 Inverness 38 Queen's Park 37 Arbroath 23 26+27 April Airdrie - Dundee Utd W Arbroath - Queen's Park W Dunfermline - Inverness W Morton W - Raith Partick Thistle - Ayr W Morton 47 Ayr 45 Dunfermline 43 Inverness 41 Queen's Park 40 Arbroath 23 3 May Ayr W - Dunfermline Dundee Utd W - Partick Thistle Inverness W - Morton Queen's Park W - Airdrie Raith W - Arbroath Ayr 48 Morton 47 Inverness 44 Dunfermline 43 / Queen's Park 43 (GD) Arbroath 23
  9. Cowardly stuff from the Pars today. Thistle do us exactly the favour we need, and at the end we're wasting time instead of trying to keep our thin hopes of promotion alive for another week?! FFS. Total lack of ambition, seemingly based on not losing. And I'm not at all convinced that we're as good as safe. QP away at Arbroath, while we host an ICT team who need to keep fighting to get away from the playoff spot. Just takes another bad day and we're looking at being 3 ahead with a game to play and a trip to Ayr on Friday night needing a point. So frustrating. Well played Kane today, and most of the defence, most of the time (although none of them were without a dodgy moment either). Couple of great saves from Deniz. That apart, pretty poor all round, with some notable lowlights.
  10. Not sure my scores app quite understands the McPake system...
  11. Spread across the 3 matches, right? Not for a single match. Looks that way on the seating plans: Germany: Switzerland: Hungary: A very decent start to sales I reckon - still waiting on that press release though...
  12. Further interest - I never realised that he had an album recorded at Carnegie Hall - the REAL Carnegie Hall:
  13. Also, a point of order, Mr Speaker... Ivan the Terrible is on "Get Right Intae Him" not "Solo Concert" - @DougieDave has therefore gravely misled this House and I call on him to correct his remarks.
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