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  1. I think mehmet needs to take some share of the blame for the forfar goals, but for him to be picked out for blame for the livi goal is absolutely astounding, it wasn't perfect goalkeeping but it was so much closer to that than what a huge chuck of the guys in front of him could claim . Folk blaming that goal on him have made their mind up and are targeting minor mistakes. If we applied that standard to all then there wouldn't be many(any?) who would meet it, including those who are seen to be legends.
  2. One of my questions on the 'wait until we're ready' narrative for going for promotion is that this is by far the best season to go for promotion in god knows how long. If we're not going for it now then when? There can't be a realistic expectation of a weaker championship within at least the next 5 years.
  3. I think that's partly why we don't see statements. scared of being put under pressure Completely wrong approach. Pressure is a good thing.
  4. I would be shocked if it was much lower. That was the rumoured cost of other CEO's at our level about a decade ago. It should be easily funded if they perform their job well.
  5. Owners are his employer tho and determine how is contract is set out, what targets he has and how they may be incentivised. Ultimately its up to them to determine if he is running the business appropriately. Still not a fan of our ownership structure, its still legally pars united but they can't make any decisions that dafc fussball disagree with as there's agreements in place that dafc fussball at any point can pull the trigger and take legal ownership. With main and braisby the only pars united faction left on the board I think the vast majority of operations are being done to dafc fussball's desires.
  6. Todd can do that, Find it astounding given how important he is to our team that with his injuries at no point have we brought in anyone else in that style. Sadly there's no interest in building an actual squad of players, if a player is out then there out, there's no like for like replacements available, we need to make big changes across the side and hope that works.
  7. Can't play u16s in the league either. Of course Margetts needs to have a birthday at some point, perhaps we're just waiting on that? Where are you seeing it as a month deal? That will require dispensation as contracts are meant to at minimum last until the next transfer window
  8. The only metric of success is a good first team, they can talk all they want about how they'd like to develop local young talent or sportsmanship or whatever else but it all it largely just background noise, if we can't win on a Saturday then the rest is pointless.
  9. There is no doubt our squad would be better with Todorov in it. There's certainly more pressing issues but another senior striker given wighton and kane have injury issues and McCann is better out wide should have always been part of our agenda.
  10. From my understanding, Cook never had a on the pitch facing role at his previous clubs, they were much more marketing based. Once the recruitment team( which I believe is mcpake, mackay, meagle and cook) make a decision to try sign any particular player mcpake and mackay are no longer involved. Any negotiations from that point follow a strick salary structure. On the players, I wouldn't say they were planning a revolt but did seem to be on different pages from each other last night, It wasn't uncommon for 2/3 players to be asking for contradictory things from each other.
  11. https://dafc.co.uk/away-kit-pre-order/ Pre-order available for anyone who missed out, should arrive towards end of august/start of September.
  12. I've actually found one btw, https://x.com/jonattenborough/status/1813462020575973535?s=46&t=NlTkSDuJ5Kw5AM1I9LdIjw Jon Attenborough is a blind Dundee United fan who is touring the 42 and seemed pleased with his treatment by the club last night.
  13. Anyone got any positives? Cos I'm ****ing struggling to find one
  14. As far as I'm aware you can have players registered via the youth registrations until their 18(or rather become illegible to play u18) you don't need to change their contract status to play them in first team, but they must be over 16.
  15. Its not the lack of pro-contract, amateurs can play league cup, u16s are specifically banned under league cup rules(these also apply to all spfl comps, not sure on scottish cup)
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