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  1. Also us year before and last year Queens. Quite dramatic when it goes wrong.
  2. Fri 26th April Airdrie 1 v 2 Dundee Utd Sat 27th April Arbroath 0 v 2 Queens Park (j) Dunfermline Ath 1 v 1 Inverness CT (23/5124) Morton 1 v 2 Raith Rovers Partick Th 2 v 0 Ayr Utd
  3. Just watched the highlights, some of the chances missed jeez min. How did we not get a penalty for the challenge on MFW?
  4. I stopped short of calling for him to go in that horrible run. Didn't expect any better than 8th, some of the performance this season have been abysmal. We don't have the players for the formation and style of play, told KRH was in the middle today? Mccann starting instead of Jak, the addition of O' Halleron to then never play him in position and with the exception of MFW and Kane some terrible additions to the squad. Should have been a great achievement midtable its all a bit meh and head scratching.
  5. Partick 3 up and doing the goal difference a favour. Our game sounds terrible from the updates I'm getting.
  6. Ayr down to 10 men against united.
  7. Partick 2 up, Morton also go 2 up.
  8. First goal of the championship to Partick Thistle. Now if we can do the business.
  9. Sad news, watched his interview on DAHT YouTube page. Seemed a character thoughts with the family.
  10. Teams got plenty of shots against us in league one, they just weren't good enough to take advantage. Its a massive jump in quality in the championship and more often or not theres been at least one goal lost. Then we are too slow or not creative enough up the other end with the set-up.
  11. Yeah thats how it looked, its worrying why it keeps returning. Its been shown on many occasion we don't have the players for it at this level.
  12. Back on topic, there has to be a massive improvement. We offered Kane absolutely nothing and from what I made out we went back to our awful set-up and slow play. Hopefully a better showing and a win to put any fears some fans might have about relegation play offs to bed.
  13. Rhodes moved before we were relegated, O' Boyle was a season or two later.
  14. The problem with Thomas was his performances at the start of that season were absolutely shocking. Bad manager or not the tools were downed. He spent quite a bit time injured and club footed the bill, a couple of decent games before he then sat on the bench paid up because we couldn't play him in a relegation play off against a team he'd signed a pre-contract with. Not grudging anyone a move or bettering their wage, he could have easily moved or signed a PCA after the event. You don't have to be a genius to figure out one teams going for promotion but more likely play-offs and the others potentially in the same play-offs. Can't remember the situation with Rhodes but O'Boyle wanted to stay and we wouldn't offer a decent wage and St Johnstone did.
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