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  1. Indeed you support the team regardless. I left Dunfermline in 1977 and the Pars were not good then. I returned in 1984 and the Pars were in a bad place but my first game was a League Cup against Celtic and this guy called Jim Leishman was in charge. Another guy called John Watson scored 2 goals in a 2 to 2 draw. Things went from strength to strength. It was always the Pars for me and it always will be. Thick and thin my friends.
  2. The one ray of hope is that it is away. We save the worst performances for home games. A win at Livingstone would not actually surprise me. I expect to be cut to bits on my optimism.
  3. 13 shots and 4 on target so 3 nil is a good return.
  4. Falkirk are already looking like a good and difficult side. Some hard tussles ahead with them and the Rovers.
  5. Thank goodness, a diversion from my stupidity.
  6. As this dopey old man has just been advised.
  7. Oh dear dopey me. Old age never comes alone.
  8. Calum Morrison has had a very good game for Falkirk who are now 2 up. Why did he leave EEP?
  9. According to the BBC it was over 35 yards out.
  10. I will never forget her interviewing Dick Campbell before a Celtic game and pinning him about "cutting the grass".😄
  11. You are probably right. I thought he was a very decent player but he did have an attitude problem. He did appear to be a disturbing influence in the dressing room. If this is true then you have a dilemma. A decent talent but noises up his team mates and irritates them. It is a team game.
  12. It is about time that an actual binding decision is made. They are in then they are out then they are in again. Look at the issues we had at Dunfermline and all the hubris. Celtic were getting their excuses in a week before every game at EEP on our artificial pitch. It has to be grass and if you cannot afford to maintain it then you have no business being in professional football. Harsh but reality. There is an advantage to be had if you have an artificial surface as your playing surface and that is not fair. There seems to be evidence that they can contribute to injuries as well. Make a bloody decision and stick with it please.
  13. I take that back as a win for Ayr takes them above us and we lose money. Hang in Pars.
  14. As we all know a draw is He Haw use. Might as well get beat trying to win now.
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