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  1. Whilst I agree with most of this, I’m ****ing myself laughing at him saying ‘the fans are relying on word of mouth to find out what they’re saying’ when he repeats an already refuted claim about spending that he got the wrong end of the stick on 😂
  2. Absolutely not. This isn’t Stephen Kenny, ice baths and throw in practice we’re talking about here. This is basic stuff not being done. Not one player from the midfield in the first half came and took the ball off the defence to play through the lines. It was left to Bene who is hardly Pirlo. As well as those players not doing their job, he, especially as Captain has a responsibility to tell them to get their finger out and come and play. As well as deliver roastings for not enough movement. It only changed when he made the 3 subs and you had Chalmers actually trying to make things happen and move the ball. I generally don’t criticise the team too much but there was so much wrong last night there’s no defending it. Too many players not at the races (Otoo done twice for the first goal), KRH wandering all over the shop to then cut inside and pass it five yards sideways, McCann deciding he wants to play through the middle so he can mistime headers all night forcing Sutherland wide out of position, and Comrie and Ngwenya not demanding the ball and making early enough runs when there were multiple opportunities to stretch them. This isn’t down to the formation, it’s down to personal responsibility of just being ‘at it’. Very few of them were. It says everything when O’Halloran can come on and make a difference.
  3. I disagree, I think he sounds raging, at his players, and rightly so. He was going absolutely mental in the first half at Otoo, again, rightly so, and the three subs at one tme along with the following comments in his post match interview show exactly where his anger lies and I didn't disagree with a thing he said.
  4. 3 good goals but I thought the scoreline flatters us a little bit. Neither team created any opportunities apart from the goals, Chalmers blazed over the bar when it seemed easier to score but that was it. The entire game was played in the midfield and I think they tired a wee bit towards the end and we had a bit more of the ball allowing us the openings. Good 3 points, 3 different goalscorers, so I’ll take it.
  5. It was his body shape. It was only for a second or two but I definitely thought “wtf is he doing!?”
  6. Hamilton stepped back in there to play centre back. It was still a 4.
  7. I've only seen the goalie once, last night, and I'm not convinced on that showing. He only had to come for one cross and he needed 3 attempts to gather it. A long ball came through the middle and he had a really high starting point, not a problem in and of itself, but I was convinced he was about to pick it up on the edge of the centre circle... The full back, looks a tidy enough young player and will be a replacement for Fenton rather than challenging Ngwenya, and he looks ok. Puts in a decent ball, doesn't look all that confident sometimes though, often taking the easy option. Not always a bad thing, but he looks like he could be more adventurous and is playing within himself. Having said that, most players do in preseason games.
  8. The second half was 442 🤷‍♂️
  9. Plenty talk about young players not being ready to challenge. I’ll tell you what, there’s a good 2/3 I wouldn’t hesitate to put in over some others. We finished the game with 7/8 youngsters on the park, one of them Freddie Rowe who is 16, and I’d definitely put Taylor in ahead of McCann, Tod looked ok, Jake Sutherland is a unit and could easily come off the bench, and McLeod in the middle came on had a few great touches and passes. The best thin though as they were all always positive and wanted to get down the sides and make things happen. Would they all start? No, but they mostly showed enough to get game time.
  10. I’ve just said in a chat, I don’t think we've done all that much wrong, they’ve just looked really sharp and moved the ball about really well. They’re a decent side.
  11. Oh look, another set piece goal conceded. 0-2
  12. 0-1 Dundee, Ngwenya OG after a daft foul given away by Wotherspoon. No more than they deserve, much sharper, bopped it about really well and we can’t really get near them. They look decent tbf
  13. I’d agree it’s arguable. He enjoys quite a lot of leeway given their budget in the premier league, it was his excuse for everything but as he himself pointed out, it was him that signed the players. The jury is firmly out on that for me.
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