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Mental Health Awareness sessions Tonight


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Anxiety and Depression


The second awareness session will about Anxiety and Depression. The contents will be an understanding of what these conditions are and how the symptoms can affect people. With the last session being a success the same format will aply where there will be power point presentation, flip chart activities, videos and a general discussion on Anxiety and Depression. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, new comers are more than welcome to attend.

Wednesday 29th May

East End Park, Jock Stein Suite 7:00pm



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Thanks to everyone who attended the Anxiety and Depression awareness session last night. Its really heartening to hear the feedback that it was enjoyable and people took a lot out of it. 

Engagement from the participants, talking and opening up was great.

The next session will be on Wednesday 19th June concentrating on suicide and recovery. 7:00/ 9:00pm

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