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QUESTION 1: Why are you a Pars supporter?

I was taken to games from an early age by my dad, who is obviously a Pars supporter.

QUESTION 2: Which other team's results do you regularly look for, and why?

Who ever my laddie plays for, which is Cowden U20's at the moment. I sneak a look at Junior results back and forth but nothing special.

QUESTION 3: What has been your best memory or experience as a Pars supporter?

1987 at EEP drawing 1-1 with Meadowbank to see us promoted under Leishman. 2004 Scottish Cup Final,

QUESTION 4: What has been your worst memory or experience as a Pars supporter?

Getting beaten over 2 legs by Cowdenbeath the other season. Good pis$ up after in Somehwere Else though.

QUESTION 5: Who is the best player you have seen in a Pars shirt?

George O'Boyle. He was a fud but a naturally gifted player.

QUESTION 6: Apart from EEP, which is your favourite stadium to visit, and why?

Tannadice ...probably. Good memories of good results in big games there over the years.

QUESTION 7: What is the furthest away place you have seen the Pars play?


QUESTION 8: What does the Pars' "heritage" mean to you, and why is it important?

As a supporter a huge amount given the amount of passion me and my family have shown toward the club. In your blood? ...yes always.

We're a proud club and the dark days of a few years ago were an embarrassment to supporters but what has happened since then have seen us pick up the baton and run forwards at a good pace. Exciting times and a huge huge thank you to all who've showed their support. We're a special club and a proud club, DA TILL I DIE.


QUESTION 9: If you could go back in time, what game (not necessarily involving DAFC) would you like to attend, and why?

World Cup game in Mendoza (I think) in Argentina in 1978 against Holland where we needed to win by 3 clear goals to make the next stages and were beating them 3-1 after Archie Gemmill scored that famous Scottish goal.

I remember being so so disappointed after such a heroic effort. Seems I've forgotten how woeful we had been in the first 2 games.


QUESTION 10: If you could have a meal or a drink with three people from the world of football, past or present, who would they be?

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