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How to use thepars.club like an app on your mobile or tablet


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We're hearing a lot of people are asking us to create an App so they can use the site with ease. The fact is we don't need to do this as the site is fully responsive and will adapt to your device in any browser. 

However, I am looking into maybe creating an app that can be downloaded eventually. In the meantime here is how you can add the site to your home page on your mobile or tablet device so it can act like an app.

If you go to the site on your device's browser, go into your browser's 'Settings', once there, head down and select the 'Add/Save to home screen' option. This will add an app like icon with thepars.club logo to your home screen and you can move it to wherever pleases yout most.


If you are using Apple's Safari browser, go to ThePars.Club forum list or thread and hit 'SHARE'. A few icons will appear including thepars.club icon with 'Add to Home Screen'. Press this and it will have the same effect.

I hope this helps and gets more people visiting our site. Here are some pics of the app icon and our site used on a mobile device.

If you can and would like an even better site to use, please donate using the PayPal button if you can. Any donations received will be put right into the site for developing it more.





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