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2 minutes ago, Vinnie said:

Slightly off topic for a second.... @Al k, Note 9 is my choice of next phone.  How are you finding it? 

I have a Note 8+.  It's ok if you need a big screen, but is probably more a business phone than casual use.

Projections show that Huawei will become the dominant force in mobile phone handsets by 2020, with sales outstripping both Apple and Samsung.

Heard nothing but good reports about the Huawei handsets tbf.

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A couple of folk at work raving about Huawei. 

My only issue is whether their phones become obsolete if their is any proof in these allegations that they are used for Chinese data gathering and spying.

I use a Galaxy watch with its own 4G connection.  Works best with Samsung devices. The new S10 is gonna be even bigger.  The Note 9 is as big as Id like to go.

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